Professional Photo Retouching services




We perform beauty retouching for fashion photo shoots including removal of imperfection in Skin, background, and cloths. We are very careful in keeping the image texture intact. The images we edit carry natural and lively appearance at all times. Images what we see in the various advertisements are all modified and manipulated by the designers. There is this one type of service that manipulates the image that is mostly old or faded away. This calls Dust Cleaning Service.

Clipping Path Network is specialized in image retouch service to enhance the acceptance and by making the image look attractive.This Service can be vital for any wedding photo,Model,Landscape or portrait photography aiming to use for website, print, commercials & magazine inner and covers page or portraiture image used typically on as CD and DVD covers etc . We repair sort of photographic error like technical errors such as contrast, brightness, dust remove and over exposure of lightness, color mismatch, pimple remove, scandal, add digital color and make up, and perform teeth whitening with our expert image Retouching services.

Photo Retouching is a magnificent semi-creative graphics design option of Photoshop used to give your image that perfect look you always desired. We have skilled photo retouching designers who are using digital photo retouching techniques with creative mind to provide the bast quality product. Our most popular services are critical photo retouching, face retouching, product retouching, glamour retouch, pageant retouching, extreme photo retouching, portrait retouching, professional photo retouching in digital photography, model retouching, damaged photo retouching media photo retouching, blemish retouching, & restoration services to our clients.

There is always little or heavy touch up to make the visual thing appealing. On the other hand, the image has to be realistic, natural and for that you need professional touch up. This professionalism with graphical works we are famous all around the world as an offshore graphic studio.


Clipping Path Network always provide all the services in very competitive price. It largely depends upon the complexity of the project. So we warmly welcome all of our clients to get in touch with our sales wings and fix the price of product by mutual understanding considering the complexity of the job. We always encourage for monthly fixed volume of job, so we can offer the best price for them.

Turnaround Time

Clipping Path Network always be glad to keep pleased their clients delivering outstanding work. We are confident to give the best design within a short span of time without negotiating with the quality. The turnaround time is depends upon the volume and complexity of the job. Our usual time to delivering projects is 24 hours however we are enabling to deliver projects within a very short time if client’s requisite.

  • Jewellery Retouching
  • Wedding Photo Retouching
  • Natural skin retouching
  • Colour correction/contrast/levels
  • Lighten or darken skin colour
  • Change hair colour
  • Old photo restore
  • Wrinkle, scar and blemish removal
  • Clip/mask from background
  • Image manipulation, compositing of different layers
  • Object removal
  • Spotting/dust removal, Highlight/flare removal
  • Colour correction/contrast/levels