For clients there are 2 options available to Transfer Files to Clipping Path Network as follows:

1. USING Clipping Path Network FTP SERVER

If you have a bulk amount of files to be sent we recommend that you use our FTP server to transfer your files to Clipping Path Network. To do so please forward a request to Clipping Path Network for it’s FTP account information. Clipping Path Network will get back to you promptly and provide you with our SERVER NAME, ID, PASSWORD and all other necessary information’s so that you would have full access to our server to upload your large amount of files. Please remember that all these information’s are extremely confidential and secured and must be shared only between the CLIENT and Clipping Path Network.

If you are a windows user then you required FileZilla and if MAC user then Fetch Soft-works. Enter the FTP address, username and password provided in the email into the software.

If you have special request about the turnaround time, please notify us by sending an e-mail to our customer service department at . Your job will be done by within your advised time and you will notify by an email informing you that your tasks are complete. Download your images in the “Completed” folder.

2. USING Clipping Path Network WEBSITE:

The most convenient and easiest way to upload your files to Clipping Path Network is using the ” YOU SEND IT” upload box in the Clipping Path Network website. This method is very simple and useful specially for small quantity files. To do so please go to “Upload Information” page in our website and use our “YOU SEND IT” upload box.

” YOU SEND IT” will allow you to upload a maximum of 2 GB sized file or a ZIP FILE while you can send upto 5 files each time.

When uploading is done the system will inform both the CLIENT and Clipping Path Network at the same time that the process of file uploading has been completed.

Please be informed that while uploading your files you must not close or interrupt this page for smooth file transmission. Please make sure you provide all your instructions and advice about your files in the “Message- Box”.

For any OTHER technical help and support please feel free to contact us at
Thank you for choosing our service.