About Us

Clipping Path and outsourcing is a heady combination that is difficult to resist. Especially when the service is provided by a company as renowned as Clipping Path Network. The era of the digital camera has heralded the clicking of tons of photographs that occupy megabytes of computer space. You cannot edit the snaps as and when you choose. You get the emotion, you get the people. Yet, you need to remove portions of the snap that you feel may be undesirable. The DTP professionals at Clipping Path Network do just this for you. We help you preserve your snaps with the richness and clarity that is becoming of your precious moments. Our high quality, low cost office is based conveniently in Bangladesh with ample support from the UK satellite center. Welcome to the world of brilliant color and picture perfect snaps by associating with Clipping Path Network. Partner yourself with commitment and professionalism.

Clipping path Network is an international standard offshore graphic design company specialized in clipping path, Photoshop masking, drop shadow, retouching, raster to vector, image manipulation,logo design,flash banner design,PSD to HTML and photography services. Clipping Path Network consists a group of highly skilled DTP professionals (more than 155+ operators) and offers all types of image treatment services to the world. It delivers high quality image processing services at a very reasonable cost and shortage turnaround time. No matter what photo treatment service you need, quantity (small or large) and budget you have, Clipping Path Network will handle all these, and make your life so easy!

Our Team

Our Graphic designers of Clipping path Network are trained to minimize the extra costing which load companies that use weighty force for Photoshop and Publishing services. Our highly skilled team can clip and enhance, refund and reconstruct your image with fullness and repair those critically harmed photographs at a very modest way. We attempt to sustain a better transportation that can speed up the mode of convention various requirement of customer. The Clipping Path Network business strategy is to build long term partnership through cost effective quality service, turnaround time and commitment between us and our satisfied customers.

Let’s Have a Quotation

We provide all quotations within one hour and it maybe 10 or 20 minutes in your case. So why should you late? Simply fill out the quote request form and upload the images. We will get back to you with the estimate as soon as possible.
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Free Trial

You can apply for free trial from any of services including Clipping Path, Image Manipulation, Photo Enhancement, Image Stitching, Drop Shadow, Photoshop Masking, Photoshop Retouching, Image Editing etc. This way you can judge our quality before you place order. Although we offer guaranteed quality work and even don’t ask you to pay before your job is finished & you are happy with the quality.

Our happy customers

Here we process more than 3000+ of photo / image daily working for a mixture of clients like, studio owner, certified photographers, magazine house, design house,Marketing Agencies, art galleries & online shop, real estate company, car and bike company, toys shop,RMG/Ready made garments, newspaper company & ad organization more to provide most trusty Skill. We exist because of our satisfied customers. We continuously strive to understand clients needs, provide the best solutions and build long term mutual beneficial partnership. Our most important tenet is that we are a firm that delivers what we promise and quality services.

To provide flexible service and make the clients more confident in our quality of work, CPN provides no payment required before the job is done. You can make the payment at any time between accepting the quotation and review your completed image. You can also make a complaint, if unfortunately you are not happy with any image and our customer support team will take immediate action to redo that for you with high level of priority at no extra cost.

Our fields & client services refer as follows:

  • On cost effective solutions in Clipping Path, Photo masking, Color Correction, Drop shadow and Photoshop related services are always at instant preparations.
  • Creating jobs like Calendar, Diary, Brochure, Catalog, Publishing jobs etc.
  • We prefer creative jobs and its reproductions processes including printing and fabricating also.
  • With the increase of bulk quantity the rate may vary depending upon the nature of jobs and the like.
  • Round the clock, provision for 3 shift, 24/7 operation and on time delivery.
  • We treat you to be our next table operators or partner.
  • You are free to talk to us regarding job descriptions, corrections, modifications or any problems.
  • We want an offshore partner for performing all the on line based soft copy preparations for your entire satisfaction.